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Design a track with the simple editor, just look in the direction you want the track to go. When you're done, ride along it in a toy train.

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This is an unfinished build. Bugs are present.

Upcoming patch:
  • Carriages
  • Simple delivery objectives: Collection and deposit locations
  • New living room environment with collisions and objectives.
Features to be added soon:
  • Train and track weight mechanics
  • Furniture interaction
Things that need improving
  • Environments
  • Undo
  • Options & graphics menu
  • Track saving/loading
  • Music, sounds and UI

0.9.4 Patch notes:

This patch contains many foundation changes & fixes preparing the game for the upcoming gameplay and objective additions.

  • Improved train behaviour
    • More tweaks to physics to make the train less likely to jump off the track unintentionally
    • Added a cabin light indicator showing if your target speed is forward, stationary or backwards
    • Made it easier to come to a complete stop
    • Tweaked camera position to make it easier to see where you are going
    • Improved behaviour when leaving the track: A train which is rolling along the floor can now hop back onto an approaching track piece, and will no longer flip sideways if it becomes confused
  • Replaced the old place-holder music with new place-holder music
  • Improved behaviour and visibility of cursor
  • Menu changes & improvements
  • Sample track for the furniture room


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