Expanding Tracks into a full game

As many of you I'm sure are aware, a while ago I decided to further develop Tracks from a free game jam entry into a full game.
It will be released on Steam Early Access on September 28th, priced at $10.

You can see some of the additions which have been made in the trailer below, and follow development on my Twitter or Tumblr

Adding the game to your wishlist and clicking the 'Follow' button on Steam really does help!
To everybody who donated any amount in the past, I am incredibly grateful. This wouldn't have been possible without you.
I will 100% ensure that nobody is left in a position where they have to pay more than the $10 price in total for the full game as a result of having donated in the past.

I'm still looking into the various solutions to this. It may be in the form of providing Steam keys for the full game at no additional cost to those who donated above a certain level, or some alternate solution depending on the donation amount. Keep an eye on announcements or the Steam forum FAQ post to get the latest info on this
As well as Steam, you can get the game directly through the Excalibur store or:
You'll receive a Steam key regardless of where you buy it from.


Thanks for all of your support and I hope you enjoy the game!



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i need help to update it because im still v0.9.4

Purchased! (via Humble)