Hotfix #1

Hey all,

Firstly thank you to everyone for the positive response we've had since launch!
I'm so glad people are enjoying the game and I'm taking on board all the thoughts and feedback from the forums and discord.

There'll be some tastier content coming soon but for now this patch is just a quick one to fix some bugs.


  • You don't need to be looking towards the train whistle to use it any more
  • Fixed the progress screen getting stuck on when loading very large saves
  • Fixed various issues with the object recolour/resize menu
  • Fixed Small and Tall Houses becoming a Medium House after being loaded
  • Fixed the build cursor and decoration highlighting being visible from the train
  • Fixed trains not being able to travel over Crossings via the road
  • Fixed the train picker indicator being invisible in certain versions
  • Fixed Passenger Spawners causing issues if they are placed too quickly
  • Optimisations


  • You can now change the train's speed with left/right triggers
  • Fixed tutorial keywords being in English even if another language was selected
  • Fixed various issues with Toy Box search and navigation
  • Fixed recolour/resize menu continuing to change from a gamepad stick after the menu had closed
  • Fixed the train menu not scrolling through the list if there were more than 6 trains
  • Fixed needing to reselect the previously highlighted train menu option before using it


Tracks - v1.0.8 (32bit).zip 762 MB
Dec 02, 2019
Tracks - v1.0.8 (64bit).zip 793 MB
Dec 02, 2019

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