Patch - 4th October 2017

Patch notes - 4th October 2017

New Objects:

  • Starting point: Experimental at the moment. Allows you to set where the train will respawn when reset.
  • Town sign and Station sign: Two styles of sign which you can customise with your own text 
  • Increased the outer size limit of the Clear environment to 16x the old size
  • Removed the money requirement to unlock objects for now. It was
    a last minute addition and I'm not sure it is appropriate for free play
  • Fixed an issue when carriages were added to the train while reversing
  • Improved the starting behaviour and stability of passenger carriages when they are added from the toy box
  • Fixed a bug which meant carriages would collect nearby passengers
    regardless of whether those passengers were actually waiting at the same platform as the carriages
  • Fixed some toys which were previously removed by changing environment potentially being included in a subsequent save game.
  • Improved the track clearance warning on level switching to only appear if you actually have a track built
  • Added a warning when you try to load a track which was made in a different environment to the one currently loaded
  • Gamemodes not available in the current environment no longer show up in the menu
  • Fixed an issue when attempting to unlock an object without enough money
  • Added a tip about scrolling sideways in the Toy box by holding Right mouse button
  • Added a tip about stopping the train with Space to the tutorial
  • Stations no longer send out a pulse when placed
  • Added the ability to remove passenger carriages with C. Please note that this currently removes the entire connected set of carriages, and can't be done if there are currently passengers on board.
  • Experimental at the moment. Allows you to set where the train will respawn when reset.
  • Slightly increased the bounds on Modern Apartment 
  • New model for the Booster
  • Boosters are now placed in multiples like trees and lamp posts
  • Arrow keys can now be used for movement
  • Renamed the trees with more accurate names
  • Added Level of Detail models to trees to improve performance with a large number of them
  • +7 thumbnails
  • Some adjustments to control/spawn menu


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