Patch - 17th October 2017

Patch notes - 17th October 2017

Not a huge list of interesting additions because I'm making preparations for an update at the end of October, no prizes for guessing what that might be related to.

New Objects:

  • Windmill
  • Lighthouse
  • 2 x Cafe table
  • Hospital
  • Barbershop


  • Potential pieces no longer block the train/cause it to derail
  • You can now skip the Passenger tutorial with Space
  • Slightly reduced the density of fog in Clear (more options soon!)
  • Improved the background on Clear if players choose to entirely remove fog with r.fog 0
  • Improved the area indicator on passenger spawners
  • Improved the track material
  • Fixed some issues with the lighting in Modern Apartment
  • Improved the reliability of turning on junctions with a very low framerate
  • Random Houses now save/load their colour and size
  • Added a description tooltip to the spawn menu which will eventually explain each object
  • Renamed Normal passengers to Regular passengers
  • More lovely thumbnails


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Oct 17, 2017

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is dis game free?