Night Time update - 27th October 2017

Along with some completely new objects, this update also adds a collection of night time alternatives, existing objects which change when you're in the new night themed environment set below a twinkling starry sky.

Of course, the Night Time update comes at a rather fitting time, Halloween is right around the corner! Unfortunately, while one of the biggest requests we receive is for seasonal updates, we felt that since the base game is still so in need of content, it wasn't the best use of time working on a whole host of objects which would go 'out of season' for most of the year. Perhaps we will create something special for next Halloween!

That said, we have not forgotten Halloween entirely. You will be able to place Jack o' Lanterns which emit a spooky orange glow!

The Music notes have also launched, we still need to refine some of the userbility to make them easier to place, edit and move. But right now you can already make some pretty fun musical pieces. In today's update we've included an example map that contains our rendition of Clair de Lune. This is just to give you a small taste to show you what is possible with the music notes.

Additionally, tomorrow will be our one month anniversary in Early Access. We'd like to thank everyone who has purchased the game, left feedback, offered suggestions and wrote some truly lovely reviews sharing their childhood memories and even writing about how their own children are enjoying the game. It has been a wonderful experience and we appreciate the support. Thank You!

New Environment: Clear (Night)

  • A dark, starry version of the Clear environment
  • 16+ objects have an alternative look in Night environments
  • Headlights on the train
  • New example save game

New Objects:

  • Music Note
  • Pumpkin
  • Jack o' Lantern
  • Fireworks set
  • Police Station
  • Fairy Tree


  • 12 minutes of new music
  • Adjustments to the spawn menu to improve object visibility
  • Fixed certain objects not having the same forward direction as others
  • The save menu will now warn you if you try to load a track with something currently built in the environment
  • Lots of thumbnails


Tracks - 242 MB
Oct 27, 2017

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