Patch - 17th November 2017

64bit version and the 'Fatal Error' on launch:

This update adds 32bit and 64bit versions of Tracks. For anyone who has been experiencing Fatal Error when trying to launch even after updating graphics card drivers, the 64bit version fixes this error for many, so please do update and post on the forums if it either does or does not work.

New objects:

  • Factory
  • Silo
  • Metal fence
  • Wooden wall
  • Traffic cone


  • Added a slider to the spawn menu for adjusting icon size
  • Added a 'New' indicator to show which objects you haven't used
  • Reorganised some spawn options into a new 'Nature' category
  • Added messages when you try to remove objects which cannot be removed


  • Fixed certain objects sometimes spawning with very low quality textures
  • Fixed movement continuing if you were moving before placing a Music Note
  • The note indicator is no longer visible on notes when loading them
  • Moved Music Note from the Experimental category
  • Improved spawn icons being too particular about where you click on them
  • Removed the Unlock & Preview buttons
  • Several improvements to spawn menu screen real estate
  • Removed a mysterious piece of track floating high up in Clear
  • Increased the time limit on the second set of Business passengers
  • Adjusted the scale of numerous objects for consistency
  • Fixed Fountains not having add/remove animations


Tracks - v0.1.06 (32bit).zip 257 MB
Nov 17, 2017
Tracks - v0.1.06 (64bit).zip 281 MB
Nov 17, 2017

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AMAZING game!!!!!11!!!  Can you add another new gamemode after cargo called knecksnap? It is about where you try to break all of the passengers necks and get your budget ($1.00 to $100.000) to $0.00