Update - February 1st 2018

Firstly I want to say thanks for all the support the game has gotten so far, the last few months have been great and I'm sure the following year (and beyond) will be full of wonderful things!

In order for Tracks to continue getting better, sometimes I have to postpone fancy new features to think about the long term good of the game. Since the Christmas update I've been hard at work upgrading Tracks to the latest version of the Unreal engine.

This often isn't a straight forward process and comes with all manner of new issues to work through, but it's worth doing because of all the new features it offers me, which in turn allows me to make Tracks the best game it can be for all of you.

So best case scenario is this update working just like the previous version. If you experience any new issues, please let me know in the forums. There may be some teething problems so patience and forum bug reports are greatly appreciated as always.

That said, I still have some nice new things which will hopefully tide you over until the next major content update coming soon! Rest assured that I am hearing the requests for some more things to do, the update after this one will be focused on objectives, gamemodes etc.

New Object: Tunnel

Drop down a couple of tunnel entrances and click on two to link them up, the train will then travel between them.

New Feature: Floor texture

The Scenery menu now has some alternatives if you don't want the plain white floor:

  • Grass
  • Dirt
  • Rock
  • Water

There are also new matching Terrain Blocks for each of these.

New Feature: Click

I'll be adding various actions to each object to happen when you left click on them. Currently:

  •  Signs : Edit text
  • Random House : Randomise
  • Tunnels : Click on two tunnels to connect them
  • Music Notes : Play their current note

 New Environment: Modern Apartment (Night)

A night time version of the Modern Apartment with some added lights and candles.

  • Upgraded to Unreal Engine 4.18
  • 4 new songs added to the game
  • Improved interface/navigation
    • Pressing Escape closes whichever gameplay menu you have open
    • Seamlessly switch between gameplay menus using key-binds or the new buttons.
    • Level Select now shows which gamemodes are available in each environment
  • Various improvements to Starting Point (can now be rotated
  • Added an animation for the Music Note
  • Added a confirmation after you press Clear Track to prevent accidents
  • All non-static objects now have tooltips
  • Added development Twitter and Tumblr links to main main
  • Passenger objectives now have thumbnails
  • Added a counter for the Passenger Jumps objective
  • Game name and icon now correctly appear in taskbar/task manager
  • Various new sounds for objects/menus
  • Couple of Object thumbnails
  • Terrain Blocks are now multi-place objects
  • Fixed blank signs causing problems when they are loaded from a save
  • Fixed the music mute option resetting between level loads
  • Fixed Fog Density not correctly loading the first time
  • Fixed Spawn menu warnings in Passenger mode preventing menu closure
  • Fixed the position of the table in Bedroom to match the original version
  • Fixed Save game timestamps and thumbnails not updating when they are overwritten
  • Removed a bunch of unused assets which were being included in the game
  • Fixed an issue with placing passengers in front of a platform
  • Improved the behaviour of speedometer when reversing
  • Single passenger spawners no longer allow you to stack/overlap passengers
  • Objects which were being placed are now cleared on entering train mode
  • Fixed being able to place Stations in Passenger mode


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Feb 01, 2018
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Feb 01, 2018

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