Update - 5th March 2018

New objects:

  • Buffer stop
  • Barn
  • Hay Bail
  • Haystack
  • Terrain: Hay
  • Terrain: Sand

Finer object placement controls:

  • You can now rotate objects in amounts smaller than 90 degrees
  • Both Rotation and Location snapping options are now available in the Scenery menu
  • Added a Constant Grid option to choose whether acutely rotated objects will stick to the normal track grid, or stick to one based on their rotation (so it can line up with others)

Boosted performance of the Save/Load menu, especially with many files:

When you open the save menu for the first time ever after this update, there will be a potentially long delay/stuttering. Just let it run, this will only happen once and then loading will be much faster forever!

Additional changes:

  • You can now delete a platform with passengers waiting on it
  • Added some sounds for the Passengers Jump objective
  • Added train camera keys to the Controls menu
  • F10 and § can now be used to open the console for non-English keyboards
  • All number key bindings are now duplicated on the matching Function key
  • Fixed Terrain Blocks sometimes clipping into objects placed on top of them
  • Water Blocks are now slightly lower than the others
  • Banned some special characters from save file names because they cause problems and added more descriptive warnings if your name is rejected
  • Fixed some issues with the Jumps objective in Passenger mode
  • Fixed an issue loading scenery settings if you haven't played this session
  • Fixed Lamp Post 3 not having a night-time icon
  • Fixed Spawn and Scenery menus both being visible in certain scenarios
  • Placement snapping now locks to the standard size and rotation for objects which require track alignment (e.g. Stations, Corkscrew, Tunnel)
  • Fixed a typo in Terrain Block descriptions
  • Fixed many objects not having placement sounds
  • Fixed the game no longer starting in Windowed mode by default
  • Fixed some outdated credit/license information


Tracks - v0.2.2 (32Bit).zip 319 MB
Mar 05, 2018
Tracks - v0.2.2 (64Bit).zip 342 MB
Mar 05, 2018

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How do I get the updates for this game

From the main game page, or you can claim and use a Steam key if you'd like to do it through Steam.