Hotfix - 20th March 2018

Just fixing up some issues with the latest patch, new content coming in the next one.

  • Added a V-sync option to the graphics menu
  • The currently active graphics option is now highlighted
  • Replaced the snap option symbols with new icons

Fixed issues which made you unable to select/build track caused by using undo to reverse:

    1. Placement of spawn-menu track pieces
    2. Clicks to move along track pieces in build mode
    3. Cycling through track endings with R
    • Improved undo behaviour by filtering out actions which had no impact (e.g. selecting the previously selected piece of track) so you don't need to double click passed them
    • Fixed some pieces sometimes not being saved to your file
    • Fixed certain pieces of loaded track not being removed with Clear Track
    • Moved the Hay items into the Nature spawn category
    • Fixed an incorrect track suggestion with two opposite turns facing each other
    • Fixed reverse collisions (e.g. into a buffer stop) not working correctly
    • Fixed the speedometer not changing to match the gingerbread train
    • Fixed save games created this session not being cached for the fast load system
    • Fixed the Flower Shop turning black when very far away


    Tracks - v0.2.3 (32Bit).zip 316 MB
    Mar 20, 2018
    Tracks - v0.2.3 (64Bit).zip 340 MB
    Mar 20, 2018

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