Update - 21st May 2018

Hello everybody!
Today's Tracks update includes a few bug fixes and the addition of a couple of new objects and new passenger types. Over the coming months we are working on several new additions and features for Tracks: The Train Set Game. Once we have more details, we'll make sure to share them with you in a future announcement. But for now, let's go through today's additions.

Stop on the turntable and turn left or right to spin the train in place. It can also act as a normal cross junction which automatically switches when the train approaches. This has been added as an experimental object meaning that it may need more testing - if you notice this track piece behaving oddly, do let us know!

Merry Go Round!

The Merry go round will rotate, play music and also light up when placed in a night time environment.

New Passenger Types
A few new passenger types have made their way into the game. Right now they behave just like the standard passengers without their own special station but we hope to continue adding more types throughout development. Let us know what kind of passengers you'd like to see in the future.

The full change log for today's update is below:

New Objects:
:romopolis_house: Construction passengers
:romopolis_house: Rail Worker passengers
:romopolis_house: Farmer passengers
:romopolis_house: Skier passengers
:HealUp: Passengers are now saved to your save-games if they haven't walked to a Platform
:HealUp: Passenger placing can now be undone

:romopolis_house: Turntable
Easily one of the most requested features finally comes! Turn left or right while sitting on the turntable to spin in place. It'll automatically turn to catch you if it isn't aligned with where you're coming from and it is big enough to turn with one carriage attached.

:romopolis_house: Merry-Go-Round
A spinning, bouncing, music playing, lit up carousel.

:HealUp: Objects with track (Tunnel, Turntable) now have sockets to easily build from
:HealUp: For the first time ever every object has a thumbnail :steamhappy:
:HealUp: Added Snow as an option for Floor texture and added labels for each
:HealUp: OpenGL 4 mode

:fix: Passengers no longer clip into the floor in Clear
:fix: Improved ramp building to make going back to a flat piece easier
:fix: Text boxes (e.g. Signs) no longer need to be clicked before typing
:fix: Improved Buffer Stop so it won't block track building as often
:fix: Fixed restrictions on allowed characters in a save-game name being ignored when renaming
:fix: Improved passenger layout in the Spawn menu
:fix: Swapped around some categories in the Spawn menu
:fix: Fixed carriages not spawning at the correct initial rotation/location
:fix: Fixed the build socket ball being blurry when first appearing
:fix: Swapped the Clear and Bedroom music for some variety
:fix: Fixed an issue with Undo when removing track placed after a building
:fix: Adjusted the positioning of Passengers in a Carriage so they have more space
:fix: Replaced the tooltips for Cargo related objects
:fix: Improved how Passengers pick their spot in a Carriage to reduce clipping
:fix: Decreased the default snapping size for Signs
:fix: Adjusted the text in the Sign pop up message


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May 21, 2018
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May 21, 2018

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