End of year update

:HealUp: Bedroom (Night)
The Bedroom now has a matching Night scene full of Christmas decorations. I'm not sure if these decorations will stay all year round - happy to hear thoughts on that!

:HealUp: Roman candles
A constant shower of starry loveliness. These are manually turned on and off by left clicking on the rocket.

:HealUp: Gingerbread carriages
A matching set of carriages for the gingerbread train, finally!

:HealUp: Looking forward to 2019
I've got a lot of things planned, some you might be expecting and some you're probably not!
Some frequently requested features which are nearly ready to release include:

  • Roads - made with the same automatic building as track pieces
  • Full set of emergency service vehicles and passengers
  • Image importing so you can put your own pictures on certain objects
  • Key rebinding


  • The delete buttons in the Train menu now need to be held down for 1 second before they activate to prevent accidental pressing
  • Improved the Firework (Trigger) visuals and added a unique thumbnail
  • Fixed the gingerbread train button not working before opening Style Options once
  • Made Passenger Carriage collision more accurate
  • Fixed an issue if you play with a gamepad but use the keyboard to enter text for Signs
  • Improvements to the lighting in Modern Apartment (NIght)
  • A lot of back-end changes to how controls work in preparation for key rebinding, they should (hopefully) behave the same
  • Japanese has a new and improved font
  • Improved the layout of many pieces of translated text
  • Fixed some style inconsistencies for punctuation in various languages
  • The names of the Example save games are now properly translated


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Version 0.7.0 Dec 19, 2018
Tracks: The Train Set Game (32bit) 619 MB
Version 0.7.0 Dec 19, 2018

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