Emergency services, key rebinding, lots of fixes

New controls menu and Key rebinding:

The old controls menu has been replaced with a brand new one with a nicer layout and proper descriptions for every entry. It also allows you to reassign keys for mouse/keyboard, with some new extra options to split up keys which do multiple things by default. So if for example you wanted a key specifically for resetting the train (without having to hold it) you can now set that.

New graphics menu options:

  • Field of view sliders to change the horizontal FoV for building and train driving.
  • Resolution options 

Emergency services:

Along with the usual headlights, these vehicles also have a set of emergency lights which can be toggled in the same way (left click on the vehicle after placing it)

  • Police Car
  • Ambulance
  • Fire Engine
  • Police Officer
  • Paramedic
  • Firefighter
  • Doctor


  • Improved the precision of track placement (may help prevent random derailments)
  • The tutorial now highlights keybindings and important words
  • Fixed creating invisible copies when placing multiple objects without moving
  • Fixed being able to open build mode menus while transitioning to train mode
  • Fixed trains being stopped by turntables on the level below them
  • Added some missing LoD meshes
  • The 'Controls' button now takes you to the appropriate menu depending on whether you're using keyboard/mouse or a controller
  • Improved the behaviour of gamepad navigation in the graphics menu
  • Fixed various issues caused by trying to close menus with gamepad B/Start
  • Fixed gamepads sometimes choosing the wrong buttons on menus
  • Made certain lists loop back to the start after going through all options with a gamepad
  • Fixed certain passengers not having their hair colour randomised
  • Improvements to main menu button designs 
  • Fixed E not working
  • Fixed fireworks never loading their high resolution textures
  • Fixed the Christmas lights on the Bedroom table derailing the train


Tracks: The Train Set Game (64bit) 646 MB
Version 0.7.6 Mar 14, 2019
Tracks: The Train Set Game (32bit) 619 MB
Version 0.7.6 Mar 14, 2019

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