Update - Roads and Rivers

Hello all!

Sorry about the long gap between this update and the last one. The stuff in this update has been big job in terms of both the code and the art required. If you're ever wondering if the game is still being worked on be sure to check my Twitter where you'll see a steady stream of new stuff even if it isn't in the game quite yet!

Track Variants
This update introduces the first batch of what I'm calling track variants (if you can think of a nicer name let me know). These work just like the track pieces you're familiar with but with a bunch of new styles and features:

  • Small Street
    A road with pavement perfect for a small town. Run some track across a road (or vice versa) to automatically make a level crossing.
  • River
    A calm stream lined with bushes and rocks.
  • River (Blank)

    A plain river with a completely clear bank so you can decorate it yourself. With some clever placement you can also make a large lake with these.

Because these are so much wider than track pieces they don't quite match 1:1. The game will automatically place two straight pieces when needed to keep you aligned. This is intentional and hopefully not too troublesome. There also aren't up/down pieces yet.

Since Tracks doesn't have an 'end' there isn't really a good place to put the credits, so you can now see all the lovely people involved in making the game on the menu menu, just above the social media links.

Controller Picker
When starting the game you'll now see a nice new splash screen. Besides just looking pretty, this also acts as a controller picker designed to fix issues for people with multiple controllers or those who can't get theirs working. Press A on the controller you want to use and the game should now pick it as the main device.

Apartment Block
Level Crossing

Updated engine
Tracks now runs on the latest version of UE4. This is the start of a major plan to improve the performance of Tracks, particularly in large towns. Updating the engine has a lot of pros but it can also introduce new issues, if you find any problems please report them in the forum!


Tracks - v0.8.0 (32Bit).zip 533 MB
Jun 21, 2019
Tracks - v0.8.0 (64Bit).zip 559 MB
Jun 21, 2019

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